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Letter to the President

By Jason Mangum
World Impact News

Dear Mr. President, 

You are doing a great job and thank you for putting America First! I voted for you, actively support you and pray for you continually. I believe the Hand of God is upon your life and you have been prepared, as well as anointed by God for such a time as this. I perceive this is not the first time you have heard this, nevertheless I wanted to make sure you heard it again. There are many like me that have never met you, but have supported you from the very beginning and continue to rally others to support and pray for you even now.

In light of everything going on concerning COVID-19, I do feel it is necessary to address a major concern I personally have as the Senior Pastor of a Church in South Texas and American citizen, as well as a concern being voiced by my congregation and Faith-based Community. The concern is that our Freedom and Constitutional Rights as a Nation and as a Church are in danger, being jeopardized and actively being infringed upon.

I had the thought and wonder when your father had heard that the Rev. Billy Graham was going to be at Yankee Stadium and gathered you and your family together to attend that historic event how things might have been drastically different not just in your life, family's lives or as a nation, but in eternity's eyes if that religious assembly was not allowed to occur. How things might have been drastically different if the doors of Marble Collegiate Church where Rev. Norman Vincent Peale was Pastor during the Great Depression and other crises were forced closed. I think about all the lives that would not have been encouraged, impacted and saved, but would have been lost to a godless existence and doomed eternity.

One thing we can see historically and must never forget is that America was birthed out of a hunger and desperation to worship freely. Those very rights pinned in our great U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights by our Founding Fathers that they gave their lives for, as well as all who have given their lives to protect are being jeopardized and infringed upon.

I believe it is a great responsibility to protect the people, as every person is precious, but our rights, our freedoms, and liberty itself must also be protected. In the words of Benjamin Franklin, "Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety."

Mr. President, I support you 100% and stand with you, pray for you and believe in you, and have faith you will do what is right in the eyes of our Founding Fathers and most importantly in the eyes of God.

Thank You and the First Lady, as well as your family for the love, support and service to America and the Christian Community.

God Bless,

Rev. Jason W. Mangum

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