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Letter to the President

By Mark Anderson
World Impact News (Reporter, Co-Producer)


It's clear that the recovery/survival rate of CV is more than 98% worldwide.

And it's also clear that the COVID-19 deaths, where people actually and certifiably die as a direct consequence of the virus, are about one tenth of what's being reported.

It was long suspected, and now an increasing number of medical people actually admit, that people (mainly the elderly and those otherwise fragile) with fatal underlying conditions (say, TB or pneumonia) are dying from those things, even though they may have been found to "have" the coronavirus (assuming the test is not a false positive).

So, a vast majority of the deaths are being counted as COVID-19 deaths when those people died of something else. This fudging and skewing of data is unacceptable, Mr. President. See www.worldometers.info as a data source.

This next link, Mr. President, goes to a key National Health Federation article by Scott Tips, a really sharp and great guy. Please read it or have a staffer research it for you.


We need to take into account more information sources than just the CDC and Fauci, and the Mass Media Cartel. And that link is a good one.

Also please read this next important article that takes a fresh look at the probable downside of home shut-ins and forcing businesses to close. Herd immunity, which the big media won't even mention, must be considered. Here is the link.


Thanks, Mr. President. I'm with you 1000%. Stand firm, free this nation, and use the media's terrible data misrepresentation against it so that the FCC can break up the 5-6 families that own all major media.

Here in closing is one more key link: http://ronpaulinstitute.org/archives/featured-articles/2020/march/31/end-the-shutdown/


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