Christine LaGarde (former IMF chief and current head of the European Central Bank) is shown at a recent Bilderberg meeting with a fellow participant. Speculation is rife on whether this elite group will keep meeting or fold after nearly 60 years. (Photo: alles schall und rauch)

Long considered by genuine investigative reporters to be a central source of secretive manipulation of the world’s political, financial and technological infrastructure, the Bilderberg Meetings appear to be, at the very least, dormant, fueling speculation that this collusive clique of “titans” from the fields of banking, government, the upper echelons of the corporate world, select royalty, compromised media outlets, NATO brass, think tanks and academia could be on the verge of folding. Only its ideological close cousin, the Swiss-based World Economic Forum (WEF)—whose chieftain, Klaus Schwab, is an honorary member of the Bilderberg Steering Committee—is highly active. The same goes, to a lesser degree, for Bilderberg’s younger sibling, the Trilateral Commission.

[Editor’s Note: The above photo shows Christine Lagarde, a longtime Bilderberg attendee, at one of the secretive group’s recent meetings chatting with an associate. She’s the former managing director of the International Monetary Fund and currently is president of the European Central Bank]

While, as of June 9, a UK source informed this writer that Bilderberg allegedly will meet this year starting Thursday, June 10, that announcement had not yet shown up on the official Bilderberg website as of June 9. An alleged leak inside the British press is the source of the supposed 2021 Bilderberg meeting. The anonymous Bilderberg media department has not answered queries from this writer in several months, including requests for 2021 meeting information. The same UK source said, as of June 10, that it was still unclear whether this year’s Bilderberg gathering would happen over the weekend (June 10-13) or if it would happen later in June or beyond.

Last year, the increasingly lifeless official website for the Bilderberg Meetings claimed that the 2020 meeting was “postponed,” presumably due to covid-19 precautions. The last meeting that involved the usual gathering of global geniuses at a posh hotel was held in 2019 in Montreux, Switzerland. Yet, at press time, the forum’s website still hadn’t undergone any changes—even though by now the 2021 Bilderberg confab typically would have been formally announced, assuming that this world-planning, networking and brain-storming forum will continue to be held no later than mid-June, as has been the tradition just about every year since the first Bilderberg Meeting in 1954 in Oosterbeek, Netherlands at the Hotel de Bilderberg, which became the namesake for this gathering.

The only year besides 2020 that saw no Bilderberg gathering was 1976, when Bilderberg Meetings co-founder Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands was enmeshed in the Lockheed scandal. So, up until the present time, it took a lot to disrupt the annual Bilderberg gatherings.

Notably, the American Friends of Bilderberg (AFB), which is registered as a “charity” in the state of New York, and is defined as a non-profit “private foundation” by the Internal Revenue Service, last published its “990 PF” IRS disclosure form for the year 2018. When this writer on May 25 called the phone number listed on the form, the lady who answered confirmed that she was at the general mid-Manhattan address that’s listed on that IRS form—55 E. 52nd Street in Park Avenue Plaza, a 44-story building. However, she said the phone number was for Evercore, an investment firm (run by longtime Bilderberger Roger C. Altman).

Strangely enough, the easy-going staffer claimed she’d never heard of Bilderberg or AFB, despite her apparent connection with Altman, while revealing she was not on the 38th floor, a detail that’s also listed on AFB’s tax form alongside the general address. An additional call, in another attempt to reach AFB and see if the Bilderberg Meetings are folding or not, was placed to the general phone number of Park Avenue Plaza.

The attendant who answered would not connect this writer with the office on the 38th floor, nor reveal what’s located there. At any rate, it appears so far that AFB is misrepresenting its actual address to the IRS, unless, perhaps, AFB, which was founded in 1975 to help raise funds for the Bilderberg Meetings and for other unspecified forums where the Western Alliance is discussed, is no longer officially functioning.

Although it’s not necessarily a causative factor in delaying or disrupting Bilderberg’s operations, longtime AFB fixture James A. Johnson—a high-powered attorney and former Democratic campaign operative—died Oct. 18, 2020 at his Washington home. He was 76. This writer, on several occasions, had called past “AFB” phone numbers (with varying addresses) while also phoning Perseus LLC, for which Johnson was vice chairman, only to be scolded or hung-up upon merely for asking basic questions about Bilderberg. But at least someone identifying as being affiliated with AFB answered the phone on most occasions in years past.

As for the WEF, after it held its virtual “Davos Dialogues” online in latter January 2021 as a pared-down version of its traditional annual mega-meeting, this highly influential organization, according to announcements stemming from the fall of 2020, had planned to meet at an old Bilderberg haunt, the ultra-posh Burgenstock Resort on the shore of Lake Lucerne in Switzerland, May 18-21. But that meeting, which fueled some speculation as to whether it could be a partial Bilderberg gathering hidden behind the WEF banner, apparently never happened. Instead, it appears the WEF had planned to hold some kind of forum May 13-16 in Singapore because, according to WEF press releases, there was a switch to that location because it afforded better anti-covid measures. Yet, even that gathering was evidently delayed.

The only WEF meeting that is confirmed to have happened since January’s online dialogues, the Global Technology Governance Summit, was based out of Japan, April 6-7. Among other topics, that summit included a discussion on fighting “misinformation,” which indicates that counter-narratives to the usual global party line, expressed through the growing influence of alternative media, are affecting the endless global governance schemes cooked in the “kitchens” of the Bilderberg-WEF-Trilateral combine.  

Meanwhile, the Trilateral Commission remained busy in 2020, hosting eight smaller-scale online meetings from June through November. Yet, the “Trilats,” whose founders, the late David Rockefeller and the late Zbigniew Brzezinski, were key Bilderberg fixtures, especially Rockefeller, have been operating at an apparent low ebb so far in 2021. Traditionally, this organization’s annual meeting of the entire membership was always held in March or April. That hasn’t happened since 2018.