The mass media cartel is repeatedly casting President Trump as the villain in the debate over whether to vastly expand mail-in voting-which would basically mean extending something resembling absentee balloting to the vast majority of the population rather than the traditional practice of limiting absentee voting to the homebound, those in nursing homes, soldiers serving overseas, or any other voters, such as travelers, who have a sufficient excuse for not being where they are registered to vote at election time.

An NBC News piece Sept. 3 labeled as “convoluted” an appeal by President Trump for North Carolina voters “to try to vote twice in November,” when Trump’s clear intention is to get voters to be mindful of possible mail-in ballot tampering and fraud by encouraging them to show up at their official polling places to make sure their mailed-in ballot-if they chose to vote by mail in the first place-was actually counted. And if any voters in that circumstance find that their mail-in ballot was not received or counted, then they should go ahead and vote at the polling station.

The NBC article in question, a typical specimen of “doublespeak” from the nation’s corporate propaganda belt, did, rather begrudgingly, acknowledge that Trump stated: “On election day, or [during] early voting, go to your polling place to see whether or not your mail-in vote has been tabulated [counted].”

“YOU ARE NOW ASSURED THAT YOUR PRECIOUS VOTE HAS BEEN COUNTED [and] it hasn’t been lost, thrown out, or in any way destroyed,” Trump tweeted.

The NBC piece was floated under the flimsy headline “President Trump suggests supporters vote twice to ensure their ‘precious vote’ has been counted,” which could give anyone scanning through the day’s “ticker-tape” headlines the false impression that Trump is encouraging people to “double vote,” or “vote twice,” which is a felony in a number of states. And articles by CBS, NPR, the Washington Post and other outlets all imply that Trump is only questioning mail-in balloting because he selfishly and irrationally wants to create “distrust” in the system due to his supposed fears of losing to Democrat Joe Biden. Yet, the possibility that Trump actually means “trust but verify” in pursuit of an honest election-something every candidate, party hack, and voter should want-is steadfastly avoided.

Afterall, a full-blown mail-in election has never been attempted before and the president has every right to be concerned that there could be major problems-such as completed mail-in ballots being lost or deliberately trashed en route to-or at-the counting center; or such ballots being stolen even before they reach the voter’s mailbox or doorstep and possibly completed and returned by someone else under the voter’s name. Project Veritas, an investigative news outfit, found that a New Hampshire election official, Vincent Marzello, voted in a recent election twice-as himself and as a character he invented, Helen Elisabeth Ashley, for which he was arrested.

Notably, Fox News’ anchor Chris Wallace on Sept. 13 announced that some voters were already mailing in their ballots “51 days” before the election, though he did not question where those completed ballots will be kept, and how secure they’ll be in order to prevent damage, tampering, loss, etc., during a nearly two-month period before they’re finally counted on or around Nov. 3.

Furthermore, there are various irregularities to look for. Michigan voter Steven Thompson told WIN that he and his wife back in June each received two unsolicited mail-in ballot applications from the Michigan Secretary of State, except that Steve’s extra application was mailed to a “Stee” Thompson. His wife’s extra application showed her name correctly. When Steve contacted his county clerk, he was told that all incorrect names would be be promptly removed from the voter rolls. But after a few weeks he again received another unsolicited application addressed to “Stee” from the Secretary of State. He then wrote to Michigan Senate Majority Leader Ruth Johnson (R), who assured him that the matter would be rectified.

[IMPORTANT EDITOR’S NOTE: The Public Interest Legal Foundation (PILF) found that 244 counties across the United States exceed 100% voter registration. Counties in 28 states plus the District of Columbia and Alaska have more voters registered than adults living in those jurisdictions.

After a review of records submitted to the federal government, The Public Interest Legal Foundation (PILF) discovered 244 counties in which voter registration levels exceed the number of living adults in the jurisdiction. Additionally, 279 counties have registration rates ranging from 95%-99%, which PILF determines are “implausibly high.”

PILF President and General Counsel J. Christian Adams said, “One of the most effective strategies for protecting the integrity of American elections is keeping voter rolls clean. Carefully maintained records will better prepare state and local governments to quickly recover from any future cyber-attacks. In addition to fraud concerns, unkempt rolls can serve as a warning signal to future corruption and failures in local governments.”

4 states (Kentucky, Michigan, South Carolina, and Mississippi) have more than 20 counties where voter registrations exceed 100%. Kentucky leads the nation with 58.
4 states have between 10 and 20 counties in which voter registration exceed 100%
Overall, 20 states.) including the District of Columbus and Alaska (which is almost half of the U.S.) have more voters registered than living adults]


Revealingly, Sen. Johnson’s reply to Mr. Thompson noted: “We have already received hundreds of examples of absentee ballot applications sent by the Secretary of State to individuals who are dead, have moved, or are ineligible such as non-citizens and underage individuals. Our committee continues to investigate this and other actions by the Secretary of State that threaten the integrity of our elections in Michigan.” Thompson responded that, even if there’s no hanky-panky, such things cast a cloud of uncertainty over the electoral system.

Moreover, with important traditionally Democrat-run states like Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin (pivotal in the 2016 election in Trump’s favor) saying that, due to the massive glut of ballots a universal mail-in election would create, ballots may still be counted well after Nov. 3, according to the Washington journal Politico. If that happens, one can only wonder if the mailed-in ballots in such a large, well-populated country would be fully counted, without lengthy legal disputes involving lawyers from both major parties, even by Dec. 14. That’s the deadline for the electors of all states, under the Electoral College, to convene in their respective state capitals (the number of these electors equals the number of U.S. House members, plus the two U.S. Senators). In that worse-case scenario, a serious constitutional crisis, with the January 2021 inauguration of the next president right around the corner, could conceivably ensue at a very volatile, riot-torn time in the nation’s history.

And to think that, due to often-inflated concerns over covid-19 based on highly questionable “case” and “death” data-amid high covid recovery rates-our “leaders” appear poised to further diminish the integrity of our elections, when the widespread use of hack-able electronic voting machines already has imperiled suffrage. Evidently, the lingering lockdowns and business closings, the increases in suicides and substance abuse, the frequent denial of non-covid 19 medical care, and the unconstitutional abridgements of speech, assembly and worship are not enough tyranny.