Jason Mangum and Mark Anderson discuss The Truth About Tariffs.

We understand we live in a global economy, but that does not mean we should be taken advantage of by other countries when it comes to trade.

During this discussion we look at trade and tariffs and how it effects America. We also discuss Gus R. Stelzer’s and his viewpoint on “Free Trade”, which he outlines in his book “The Nightmare of Camelot: An Expose of the Free Trade Trojan Horse ; what the Globalists Don’t Want You to Know”.

Why is it more costly to do business intrastate and interstate within the U.S. than it is to do business internationally? It should not be this way.

Additionally, foreign countries (especially military states such as China) are using these unfair and one sided trade deals to build their military.

We look at topics related to trade and tariffs in this segment.