By Mark Anderson

Yet another Orwellian project to further subvert and subjugate the population is evident. This one involves the issue of “transgenderism,” a concept that collides with one’s God-given gender at the time of birth, a cornerstone of the established order under natural law. And once that particular concept sinks in, it creates the general impression in people’s minds that, if they so choose, they can morph into a member of the opposite sex.

Via media marketing and flawed, amoral academic “research” that’s based on a post-Christian order, the most vulnerable demographic—prepubescent early teen-agers—is being targeted. That “presets the dials” for highly subjective, disoriented decisions to be made by often-rebellious, immature minors who may “feel” they are “a man trapped in a woman’s body” or vice versa and may “need” proactive hormone therapy to ease their “transition.”


Jason Rantz, of KTTH 770 in Seattle, a conservative talk station, has written considerably on ultra-revolutionary legislation recently signed into law in Washington, under which minors as young as 13 can choose to have something as radical and risky as gender reassignment surgery, not just something preliminary like hormone treatments, without parental consent. What’s more, the law forces health insurers to pay the costs.

In a Jan. 10 article on KTTH’s website, Rantz noted:

Under a new law, health insurers must cover “gender-affirming” care, including surgical treatments that were previously denied coverage. Democrats rejected a proposal to apply the new law to patients over 18 years old. It’s one in a series of new laws that, taken together, allow children as young as 13 years old to make serious health care decisions.

Several bills comprise the final product that Gov. Jay Inslee signed into law last year, but which did not take effect until Jan. 1, 2022. One of the constituent bills bans insurers “from categorically rejecting cosmetic, gender-affirming treatments when deemed medically necessary by a health care provider and when prescribed to a patient, consistent with their gender identity,” Rantz also noted, adding: “Up until this law, gender reassignment surgery and other procedures like facial reconstruction or laser hair removal were considered cosmetic by health insurance companies. [Thus] insurers did not usually cover the procedures, even when doctors medically recommended them.”

The chief sponsor, State Sen. Marko Liias (D), says the legislation is in response to other “transphobic” states banning treatment for minors.

“I am proud that our state is sort of standing up to this hysteria sweeping the country of intolerance and hatred of trans people,” Liias told the publication Crosscut, spouting the tiresome canard that wanting to protect young vulnerable kids from such potentially harmful decisions somehow constitutes “hate.”


The World Professional Association for Transgender Health, or WPATH ( apparently sets the standard of “care” for gender dysphoria in youth. WPATH, founded in 1979, is a 501 (c)(3) non-governmental organization (NGO), originally named the Harry Benjamin International Gender Dysphoria Association. Benjamin himself was one of the earliest physicians to work with transgender people. While WPATH president Walter Pierre Bouman, MD, is editor of the International Journal of Transgender Health, Benjamin collaborated with an ultra-radical pseudo-medical figure, notorious for inflating the prevalence of homosexuality in society—Dr. Alfred Kinsey of Indiana University.

As Wikipedia notes:

In 1948 . . . Benjamin was asked by Alfred Kinsey, a fellow sexologist, to see a young patient who was anatomically male but insisted on being female. Kinsey had encountered the child as a result of his interviews for Sexual Behavior in the Human Male, which was published that year. This case rapidly caused Benjamin’s interest in what he would come to call transsexualism.  

“Mental health professionals should not impose a binary view of gender. They should give ample room for clients to explore different options for gender expression. Hormonal or surgical interventions are appropriate for some adolescents, but not for others,” a special WPATH report notes.

“It’s also a curious move since Washington law bans minors from using tanning beds. Lawmakers, including Liias, voted for that ban to protect children from the harmful effects of UV rays. Now Democrats allow your child to go through feminizing hormone therapy and some surgical procedures independently,” Lantz added.

“This is wrong—13-year-olds are not mature enough to make [irreversible] gender reversal surgery decisions and need parental support during this time,” State Rep. Michele Caldier (R) told Rantz’s KTTH show. “I am a foster parent who takes in hard-to-place teens. These kids need my help for simple day-to-day tasks. I couldn’t imagine them making life-changing decisions without my support or their parent’s support.”

Rantz added: “Will there be a rush of 13-year-olds getting gender reassignment surgery without parental consent? No. But this is another step Democrats are taking to redefine gender. And, in time, teenage gender reassignment surgeries could become more frequent. There are endless stories of people regretting their transitions. They felt betrayed by doctors who refused to question their decisions [and were] eager to appear supportive rather than inform them of the consequences.”

Meanwhile, State Sen. Phil Fortunato (R) told the Dori Monson show: “Increasingly, Democrat state legislators are cutting parents out of their children’s lives . . . . If the 50s were the patriotic period, and the 60s were the ‘free love’ period, and the 2000s were the confused period, then from 2010 on, it is the insane period.”

What we’re ultimately seeing, which no one cares to mention, however, is an application of an age-old statist maxim for total societal control: In loco parentis, Latin for “in the place of the parents.”